Our ace in the hole: personalization

The experience gained in developing complex applications for many sectors makes us an irreplaceable interlocutor for those customers who are looking for a competent and reliable partner for the realization of customized projects.

And customization is exactly of one of our strong points: we already have available a wide range of products that can be adapted to the customer specifications, either he wishes to customize already existing applications or develop a new project keeping the costs under control.

So far we have dealt:

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Control electronics for electro medical applications, in particular for electro surgery

The electro lancet is the main instrument of electro surgery and uses intense currents at radio frequency (RF) to cut and coagulate tissues. It is used to solve problems related to blood leaks due to the cutting of blood vessels.

It can be used in several sectors: general surgery, endoscopic surgery, cardiac surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery, dental surgery etc....

Its functioning occurs by exploiting the Joule effect (thermal effect): the energy dissipated by the tension conductor is absorbed by the tissues and transforms into heat. Three different effects can be achieved, depending on the shape and the dimensions of the electrode on the hand piece, the operating speed, the power intensity used and its wave shape:

  • Tissue cutting
  • Tissue coagulation
  • Combined effect of cutting and coagulation

We boast an important experience in developing and manufacturing of electro lancets of small and medium power and in medical applications of radio frequency heating.


Control Electronics for CO2 Incubator

In biology, a cell incubator is a device used to create the optimal environmental conditions for microbiological cultures and the cell cultures, maintaining some parameters stable such as temperature, humidity and gases tension (carbon dioxide and oxygen) inside. The technical specifications for this application are very strict and complex: the development, the engineering and the production of this instrument are an optimal example of collaboration between customer and supplier.


The CO2 incubator manufactured by our customer EuroClone, for whom we developed and produce the control electronics.

safegrow particolare

Control electronics for micromotors in medical, industrial and laboratory applications

Our electronic cards represent an optimal solution for the control of three-phase brushless motors at low voltage with Hall effect sensors or sensor less.

These products are used, for example, in dental surgery and implantology equipment (dental clinic), in dental laboratories and in podiatry, just to name a few medical applications.

Depending on the destination of use of the motor and the type of service required by the application, they allow the control of motors from approximately 60 to 100W. The system management firmware, customized according to the number of pole pairs of the rotor for a proper control of the rotation speed, realizes basic protection functions to protect electronics and motor, and allows you to:

  • control the starting and stopping of the engine;
  • select the direction of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, of the engine;
  • set the motor rotation speed.

Moreover, by connecting our motor control board with user interface boards, proprietary or custom, it is possible to establish a remote command and to view on a display the information regarding the operation of the system. We are always available to optimize system performance depending on the features of the engine used.