In common usage we tend to indicate, by the ambiguous term of ultrasound generator, a power electronic circuit for piezoelectric transducers which produces intense mechanical oscillations (more than 20 kHz), normally used for the objects washing applications. Obviously, this technology has a wide spectrum of applications and the use of piezoelectric materials is not the only way to generate powerful ultrasonic vibration.

We call transducers the devices that convert a physical quantity to another: thanks to the use of piezoelectric materials, made with special ceramics, it is possible to transform an oscillation of electric potential into a mechanical vibration which retains the same frequency of the excitation signal. This property is mutual (piezoelectric effect), being possible to transform mechanical oscillation into an electrical one: in this case we speak of sensors. The physical amplitude of the vibration (the displacement of the material) is imperceptible, but the intensity can be very high if you are operating in resonance conditions. This requires an appropriate design of the transducers depending on the application.

  transducers piezoelectric

A very important feature of the piezoelectric transducers, in fact, regards the selective nature of their frequency response: the device must be "tuned" with the generator, so as to optimize the efficiency at the resonance frequency of the system generator – transducer - mechanical load, frequency which depends in a complex way by many interacting variables such as the applied mechanical load, the temperature, the conditions of use and the gradual aging of the materials. These factors affect the transducer working point even during operation: it is therefore necessary to foresee an automatic system to compensate these variations, "forcing" the generator to "follow" the resonance of the system. Moreover, it is imperative to adapt the maximum efficiency of the output circuit of the power generator with the peculiar characteristics of the transducer used.

  Trasduttore piezoelettrico 2

Armed with an important experience gained over the years designing and manufacturing ultrasonic power generators in many areas, we have developed GENUS, an innovative microprocessor technology which, operating in the frequency band from 20 kHz up to 60 kHz, controls and manages a wide range of transducers.

Many are the possibilities of use:

  • Ultrasonic industrial washing and cleaning of objects and complex parts;
  • Washing of medical equipment (health, outpatient and veterinary facilities);
  • Dental equipment (scalers for tartar and devices for dental surgery);
  • Aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy;
  • Non-destructive analysis of materials;
  • Washing and cleaning in the jewelry, watchmaking, optical industry;
  • Washing and cleaning of laboratory instruments (scientific, biological, analysis laboratories);
  • Restoration of works of art;
  • Food treatment and homogenization;
  • Special applications on customer demand;
  • ...and many other applications.


Vasca per il lavaggio ad ultrasuoni
Vasca per il lavaggio ad ultrasuoni 2

An example of application of our technology: we set up a demo that illustrates an ultrasonic cleaning system technology. You can see our RAL151 electronic generator, the ventilation system, the tank containing the cleaning fluid with the piezoelectric transducers applied on the bottom.


We often receive new requests, always very interesting. Indeed, the landscape of possible uses is wide and many possibilities are still unexplored.

The ability to accurately characterize any piezoelectric transducer defining its operational characteristics and the technology of our "intelligent" electronic control allow us to perfectly adapt the generator to the specific transducer used and to "tune", automatically and without any manual calibration, the system for maximum efficiency in power.

We have identified and made programmable the significant parameters of an ultrasonic generator for piezoelectric transducers: every customer, in every different sector of use and for every application, can customize and optimize the operation of the system according to their needs, developing and creating new operational ways.

Ultrasound generators for industrial applications

Ultrasound generators for medical applications

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